Our World

Saturday, November 06, 2004

God Hates Us All

That caught your attention. Slayer was last night at the Aragon Ballroom, and they rocked! They put on an excellent performance, as usual! Sound was outstanding, vocals were awesome! They opened with Deciple from the God Hates Us All CD. The energy from their shows is amazing. I went with Mitch and Prater and had a blast. 3rd time this year to see Slayer.

Now, the bad news (I guess). When going to shows, people are getting more immature. There was a guy there that was kicking and elbowing. #1 mistake: He kicked Mitch. He tried to get ontop of the crowd and I wouldn't help him up, so he kicked me somewhere he shouldn't have; mistake #2. At that point, with my weight behind me, and there is a lot, a delivered a nice blow to his chest. Nice shot by me. About a song later, he came up from behind me and tried to put me in a headlock, misktake #3. I spun and turned around only to have delivered some powerful blows to his head, in the region of his eyes and head. He backed up and tried to rush me, just for me to put him in a headlock and whale on his head some more. People took him away, broke us up, and I have no idea what happened to him.

After that my hand bruised and wasn't feeling good. After the show I thought going to the bar might help. =) My hand was now swollen. After coming home and going to sleep with ice on my hand, I woke up and Teri suggested I goto the emergency room. 4 hours later I have a softcast on my arm. I broke my hand in the heal of my hand stemming down from my pinkey. Dr. said I must have had a pretty striaght on powerful blow, cause it normally doesn't break where it did.

Eh, I had an exciting weekend... =)